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Coaching & Consulting Services


We provide career, life direction, and corporate coaching and consulting to individuals, workgroups, and companies. Every person and environment exudes a particular personality or culture. We strive to understand your particularities first, then provide relevant solutions.



Are you asking 'what's next?' Coaching could be for you. We seek to develop a professional partnership where the goal is clarity.


Through the use of strengths-based assessments and techniques, we strive to reduce ambiguity and chart a clear path.


Our coaches provide in-person, phone, and web-based services to accommodate you.


Many companies understand the importance of cultivating a culture that attracts and retains quality people. Maintaining a culture that embodies the company's core values is no small task. We facilitate visioning and mediation conversations in a professional and effective manner.


We also provide on-site trainings, presentations, and seminars focused on creating a healthy workplace environment.


Our consultants also provide crisis and dispute intervention services.

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